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Jaden Big Here's The Video To It.mp4

Jim: Hey Tom. It was rough day last Sunday from a protection standpoint, as Ryan got hit at least 13 times, and sacked five times. Some guys got overpowered, some flat-out got beat. And, like a lot of things, it's going to have to be better moving forward. There's no doubt the Commanders are good up front, but a lot of teams are good up front. Ryan does deserve credit for hanging in there and making throws, and for his toughness. I will add this: Through five weeks, it hasn't been all bad by the o-line. In fact, the unit has held up well some games, despite dealing with injuries, which included the loss of the team's starting left tackle after one game. Looking at the stats after five games this year compared to after five games last year, Ryan has been sacked just 12 times in five games in 2022 compared to 20 times in five games a year ago. The Titans o-line needs to play better than it did in Washington, and more like it did against the Giants and Raiders.

Jaden Big Here's the video to it.mp4

Jaden Brown from New Orleans, Louisiana Question: As I'm sure you've seen jim some teams over the offseason has added alternate helmets and new jerseys. I know that the Titans plan on wearing the oilers jerseys in 2023 but is there any chance we see a new look maybe red, or black? Maybe a new design in general there's plenty of good designs i've seen it would be great to see the titans pick one up. Also, it's been a while since the titans have gotten new jersey's, Helmets.

J Buck Ford from Nashville, Tennessee Question: Hey, Jim. First: incredible job, sir. No question, but an observation. That Ryan Tannehill and the Titans have come as far as they have over the course of twenty-two games with largely new, untested team members on both sides of the ball every week is nothing short of remarkable. While I'm aware that there's been a great deal of disappointment and controversy regarding the injury cycle (among other things), these guys that have stepped in to fill holes have faced learning curves that might seem insurmountable to any other player. Playbook curves that had to be grasped in critical seconds--a huge disadvantage that this team never fails to turn into an advantage--somehow finding a way to win. Damn, I love this team. Go Titans. 041b061a72

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