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Pokemon Dark Rising Walkthrough

strategy is key in any pokemon battle, so use these tips to defeat your opponents quickly and easily. next, try using solgaleo and lunalas special moves to slow down or even stop your opponents. use items wisely during battles to give your pokemon an edge over their opponents. finally, train your team to be as strong as possible so you can take on any opponent easily. with these tips in mind, youre sure to be victorious in it!

Pokemon Dark Rising Walkthrough

on the way to your first gym you will see a wild stunky which you can capture after you beat it. go to the right of the route where you will find a house with a symbol of a bird-like pokemon with a red and white striped body and brown wings. you will see inside a female trainer in a red top and a black dress with a white stripe down the middle. she is your rival. she can talk to you and tell you stuff. and she is your friend to the end of the game. when you go outside your mom will tell you to hurry up, since you have a gym battle in the same day.

when you enter the gym you will see the trainer will give you some advice, but you will only have one pokemon left. keep the starter pokemon you captured before. you will battle the gym leader first. beat him with your two pokemon and you will earn a letter of recommendation.

at the end of the gym leader battle you will get a message and the gym leader will give you the last two moves. you can now chose if you want to train your pokemon or if you want to keep it for later. you can now fight with the gym leader. after you beat him, the gym leader will tell you that you are the new gym leader and he will ask for your first gym badge.

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