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Create a list of five or six locations and get in contact with them. Let them know you want to sell your vehicle, and give them all the relevant information. Junkyards will typically want to know the make, model, and year of your car and what type of damage it has incurred. Based on the answers to these questions, they will then make you an offer if they are interested.

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Proof of TitleTennessee law requires a title with purchase for any car less than 12 years old. For cars older than 12 years, a scrap yard like Roane Metals may purchase them without a title, as long as ownership by the seller can be confirmed. Scrap yards, including Roane Metals, will run a title search through a database on every car purchased to ensure it is not reported stolen or has a lien on it.

This is an obvious first step, but take the time to search your vehicle one or two more times before you take it to the scrap yard. It will be much more difficult to recover a forgotten item once the scrap recycling process begins.

Car batteryThis is a part that needs to be removed from your car anyway before it can be recycled, and many times can be resold on its own. Individual buyers and scrap yards may be interested in purchasing your car battery.

If you want to get your salvage car off your hands with reputable junk yards in your area, get its value calculated instantly. Towing and title transfer are completely free and pick-up can happen as soon as 24-48 hours.

It's likely time to move on. Usually, this involves finding car yards near you to buy your scrap car. You don't want a ton-and-a-half of metal, flammable fluids, and rubber sitting in your driveway rotting.

You might think your best option is to find salvage yards that buy cars near you but beware. Auto salvage is a tricky business. With a lot of work and little margins, getting the most out of selling your car to a car salvage yard, is a complicated endeavor.

If you have a high-quality car, the auto parts might be worth more than just scrap metal prices. Or even if you have a vehicle only worth the few truck parts available, you still might be able to get more money for it.

Some auto salvage places near you will charge you pretty high towing fees. You ought to shop around for nearby auto salvage yards that will pick your car up for free. Junkyard car pickup is included, for instance, if you sell your car to

The easiest way to find car salvage yards near you that buy cars is to search for them online. However, you will then have to choose the one who offers the best price. This can take a while because you will likely have to visit each one to get your car appraised.

The price scrap yards purchase vehicles for follows an industry average. Your best bet for maximizing profit at one is to choose one close to you that offers free pickup and give them a vehicle without any parts removed.

Salvage yards place a high value on old vehicles because the vehicle can be broken down into auto parts that resold. Therefore, salvage yards purchase cars at a much higher price than scrap metal yards. When cars arrive at our salvage yard, we drain out all the fluids and place the vehicle in the yard.

Metal scrap yards purchase scrap metal from virtually anyone who will sell it. They usually buy metal in large quantities such as by the pound or by the ton. They generally pay a base price depending on the type of metal they are recycling.

Metal scrap yards are usually scouting out copper, aluminum, or cast zinc, which they can buy cheap and sell at a higher price. Common metal sources include appliances, aluminum cars, copper electrical wire, or heavy metal cars. Copper and aluminum are purchased in smaller quantities and then gather and compressed in larger quantities when the yard is ready to sell it.

The only difference is that you may make more money selling your car to salvage yard since the yard will sell the parts and turn a profit. You are unlikely to get as much from a scrap metal yard as you are a salvage yard for your junk car.

A wrecking yard (Australian, New Zealand, and Canadian English), scrapyard (Irish, British and New Zealand English) or junkyard (American English) is the location of a business in dismantling where wrecked or decommissioned vehicles are brought, their usable parts are sold for use in operating vehicles, while the unusable metal parts, known as scrap metal parts, are sold to metal-recycling companies. Other terms include wreck yard, wrecker's yard, salvage yard, breaker's yard, dismantler and scrapheap. In the United Kingdom, car salvage yards are known as car breakers, while motorcycle salvage yards are known as bike breakers. In Australia, they are often referred to as 'Wreckers'.

A scrapyard is a recycling center that buys and sells scrap metal. Scrapyards are effectively a scrap metal brokerage.[1] Scrapyards typically buy any base metal; for example, iron, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, zinc, nickel, and lead would all be found at a modern-day scrapyard. Scrapyards will often buy electronics, appliances, and metal vehicles. Scrapyards will sell their accumulations of metals either to refineries or larger scrap brokers. Metal theft is committed so thieves can sell stolen copper or other stolen valuable metals to scrapyards.[2]

When an automobile is severely damaged, has malfunctioned beyond repair, or is not worth the repair, the owner may sell it to a junkyard. In some cases, when the car has become disabled in a place where derelict cars are not allowed to be left, the car owner will pay the wrecker to haul the car away. Salvage yards also buy most of the wrecked, derelict, and abandoned vehicles that are sold at auction from police impound storage lots, and often buy vehicles from insurance tow yards as well. The salvage yard will usually tow the vehicle from the location of its purchase to the yard, but occasionally vehicles are driven in. At the salvage yard, the automobiles are typically arranged in rows, often stacked on top of one another. Some yards keep inventories in their offices, as to the usable parts in each car, as well as the car's location in the yard. Many yards have computerized inventory systems. About 75% of any given vehicle can be recycled and used for other goods.

In recent years it is becoming increasingly common to use satellite part finder services to contact multiple salvage yards from a single source. In the 20th century, these were call centres that charged a premium rate for calls and compiled a facsimile that was sent to various salvage yards so they could respond directly if the part was in stock. Many of these are now Web-based with requests for parts being e-mailed instantly.

Often parts for which there is high demand are removed from cars and brought to the salvage yard's warehouse. Then a customer who asks for a specific part can obtain it immediately, without having to wait for the salvage yard employees to remove that part. Some salvage yards expect customers to remove the part themselves (known as "self-service yards"), or allow this at a substantially reduced price compared to having the junkyard's staff remove it. This style of the yard is often referred to as a "You Pull It" yard.[3]

However, it is more common for a customer to call in and inquire whether the specific item they need is available. If the yard has the requested item, the customer is usually instructed to leave a deposit and to come to pick up the part at a later time. The part is usually installed by the customer or agent ("the customer's mechanic"); however, some salvage yards also provide installation services.

The parts usually dismantled from automobiles are generally any that can be resold such as the light assemblies (commonly known as just "lights", e.g. headlights, blinkers, taillights), seats, parts of the exhaust system, mirrors, hubcaps, etc. Late-model vehicles will often have entire halves or portions of the body removed and stored on shelves as inventory. Other major parts such as the engine and transmission are often removed and sold, usually to auto-parts companies that will rebuild the part and resell it with a warranty, or will sell the components as-is in used condition, either with or without warranty. Other, usually very large, junkyards will rebuild and sell such parts themselves. Unbroken windshields and windows may also be removed intact and resold to car owners needing replacements. Some salvage yards will sell damaged or wrecked, but repairable vehicles to amateur car builders, or older vehicles to collectors, who will restore ("rebuild") the car for their own use or entertainment, or sometimes for resale. These people are known as "rebuilders".

Once vehicles in a wrecking yard do not have more usable parts, the hulks are usually sold to a scrap-metal processor, who will usually crush the bodies on-site at the yard's premises using a mobile baling press, shredder, or flattener, with final disposal occurring within a hammer mill which smashes the vehicle remains into fist-sized chunks. These chunks are then sold by multiple tons for further processing and recycling.

-We will contact a steel purchasing and recycling company in Southern NH that we have a direct agreement with that allows us to sell your junk vehicle for the highest scrap metal price available so there is no middle man, that means more to you for your junk car!

You may be pleasantly surprised? You never know. There's a popular saying We are sure you know "One man's trash is another man's treasure" the saying is so popular because it is so very true. So you think you're 1972 Ford Pinto that doesn't start in the backyard is only good for scrap metal? Well we gaurantee you out of the 313 million people that live in the United States a few will collect them. How about the 1989 Ford escort with no exhaust, a dead battery, a bad alternator? Well everyday there's a 19 year old gear head that wants to be a race car driver... Where do you think they start? Racing sprint level escorts around the local track. How about the retired mechanic that had the best year of his life driving that old chevy pickup, now he wants to relive that memory and is looking for your pickup truck to restore!! We are just saying, maybe try to sell your car outright before just writing it off as scrap metal. 041b061a72

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