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Colorful Food

Free 3 Day Wellness Challenge

Colorful Food

Sample 3 Day Meal Plan

Day One

Breakfast: Eggs, broccoli, sweet potato scramble

Lunch : Tilapia, romaine, tomato salad
Dinner: Lean ground turkey taco salad
Snack: Bell peppers and hummus

Day Two

Breakfast: Turkey bacon, broccoli, russet potato
Lunch : Cottage cheese, pumpkin seeds, bell pepper, tomatoes

Dinner: Spinach stuffed chicken breasts with wild rice
Snack: Apple slices, cinnamon, almond butter

Day Three

Breakfast: Oatmeal, coconut milk, chia seed, cashews
Lunch : Asparagus, mushrooms, grilled salmon
Dinner: Chili lime chicken with mango salsa and cauliflower rice

Snack: Greek yogurt and kiwi

Free Sample Workouts To Try

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4 Weeks for Everybody

Discover the strength-building power of eccentric training and get a taste for the four types of workouts in Autumn’s new no-impact fitness program, 4 Weeks for Every Body. This is one sweat session you don’t want to miss!


Job 1

Are you ready to make fitness a priority? Jennifer created this 20-minute workout to give you a taste of Job 1, combining moves from throughout the program into muscle-burning blocks of resistance and high intensity interval training that will leave you sweaty, breathless, and hungry for more.



Build strength, power, and mobility in this full-body strength and cardio workout in just 45 minutes to help you reach your peak.

Let's Get Up

Dance, sweat, and live your best life with this easy-to-follow dance workout.


10 Rounds

This sample workout features boxing and weightlifting exercises to give you a taste of the 10 Rounds program. Get ready for a TOTAL KNOCKOUT!

Barre Blend

This sample workout features exercises from the new Pre & Post Natal Barre Blend Program

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